Last Glove

I once had a framed set of glove photographs on my office wall.  Working for a local authority it seemed appropriate to leaven the routines of bureaucracy with something a little surreal.  They prompted the inevitable questions.

‘Why do you take photographs of gloves?’

‘I’m fascinated by the randomness of found objects and I see them as urban ephemera.’

‘When did you start photographing gloves?’

‘Good question.  I’ve no idea.’

On digging back into my negative files I discovered that the first picture was taken in Trieste in March 2003.  But this was a one off and the first picture that kicked off what developed into a personal project was not taken until January 2006.

‘When will you stop doing it?’

‘An even better question.  I guess I’ll know when the time comes.’

In the event the final glove photograph was taken on 25th December 2011 in Washington.  There was no particular logic to the ending, it just felt right, I had taken it as far as I wanted to.  The final set of pictures will appear in a Blurb book, Another Cold Hand.

Photo: Washington, December 2011

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