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John Turner Photographs

DavidR and TimE both sent me a link to the BBC news item, ‘A suitcase full of photographic wonder’ –  This features the work of John Turner (d. 1987) and reports on the discovery of a suitcase of street … Continue reading

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Fenscape 32 – Quy Fen

Monday 28th May, with J to Quy Fen, walking past fields of silky barley, shimmering seas running to distant blue-grey hedges.  The farmer will think this landscape of fecundity, of a reliable and consistent crop, beautiful.  We too think it … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 23 – Points of View Day

On Friday members of the Forum went out to take photographs for the first time.  Helen Cherry set us the challenge of spending two hours in the town centre making pictures covering four themes: curves; bikes on the move; a … Continue reading

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Photo Chat

Coffee and lunch with Roy Hammans and David Runnacles yesterday.  Lively discussions around all things photographic, from vintage cameras to the merits of the Fuji X series, the quirks of WordPress to Roy’s index to Creative Camera, and Don McCullin … Continue reading

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I’m reading Mark Cocker’s Our Place – Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before It Is Too Late?  A sharp focus for his criticism of the way we mistreat our wildlife and countryside is the creation of vast areas of coniferous … Continue reading

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Stile, Rampton Woods

I’m not sure if this arrangement on a footpath at Rampton Woods qualifies as a stile – a brief internet search brings up nothing similar.  It appears at first glance to be an ordinary three-bar fence, but the bars pivot … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 22 – Cityscapes

Mike Morrish led a session looking at cityscape photographs by members of the Forum.  He defined cityscapes as: A photograph of the physical aspects of a city or urban area.  It is the urban equivalent of a landscape.  The city … Continue reading

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Oak and Parsley

The oak is called ‘the King of the forest’; the Celts honoured it for its endurance and noble presence and considered it a ‘cosmic storehouse of wisdom’.  ‘Heart of Oak’ is the official march of the Royal Navy; May 29th … Continue reading

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In Bloom

May has brought a spectacular blooming to the woods, orchards and hedgerows.  Apple trees have been dense pink Pavlova confections; and horse chestnuts seem to be decked with the votive candles of a whole year’s religious observances.  Above all the … Continue reading

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North Norfolk channelling Melanie Max

“I want to create in my paintings a similar experience to an unfamiliar landscape being looked at for the first time, an uncertainty of what lies ahead, the puzzle that we undertake in trying to identify what belongs to the … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 21 – Still Life

Jitka Brynjolffssen ran Friday’s session on still life, which she defined as: ‘A genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. It is the application of photography to the still life … Continue reading

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Fenscape 31- Contrails

Clouds above Wicken Fen mimic the flatness of the landscape where the world appears four fifths sky.   The remains of contrails, their artificiality as clouds also mirrors the artificiality of the landscape, whether the vast arable fields or Wicken’s fragile … Continue reading

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Pebble Homage, Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh Beach Lookout set up Pebble Homage as a participative art installation to coincide with Antony Gormley’s sculpture on top of the Martello Tower.  Visitors were invited to choose a pebble from the beach, think about life, and write a … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 20 – Exhibiting Your Work

David Hone covered: the importance of contacts; the mechanics of setting up an exhibition and the timescale in preparing for it; curating the set of pictures for the audience that would see it; deciding on print size and paper surfaces … Continue reading

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Security Cameras

When I went to the Out Patients of our local hospital a while back I was greeted by a disembodied voice saying, ‘For your safety and security this entrance is monitored by 24hour CCTV’.  I hadn’t felt the least bit … Continue reading

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