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Pigeon Prey

I went into the garden yesterday morning to collect fallen apples and was presented with evidence of nature red in beak and claw flourishing in my suburban garden.  Wood pigeon wing and tail feathers were scattered across the grass; and … Continue reading

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Margate 1

Plans to visit Margate last weekend were treated with scepticism by some and barely concealed derision by others. But what do they know?  Even Margate holds delights for those who are willing to look and are able to see.  I … Continue reading

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U3AC Photography Forum 2018-19 1. Introduction

The opening session to set out how the Forum will work.  The overall objective is to ‘improve our individual practice of photography’.  The Forum will be participative, educational and fun.  It is not a camera club, not competitive, nor a … Continue reading

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Vismarkt, Bruges

At one time fish was sold in an open air corner of the Bruges Vismarkt, but local people complained about the smell and in 1821 the fishmongers were moved to a covered arcade.  A colonnade with 126 Tuscan column encloses … Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day.  Last weekend, 7th and 8th October, Laura Pearson-Clark exhibited 1000 origami cranes at the Chequer Studio, Ely.  The delicate screen of cranes in flight was her celebration of full recovery from Postnatal Depression.   … Continue reading

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Wallace Collection

In my rambling around London on Wednesday I stumbled on the Wallace Collection at Hertford House, Manchester Square.  It’s a collection of fine and decorative arts from the 15th to the 19th centuries; and part of the rich collection of … Continue reading

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Paddington Street Gardens

There are plenty of good reasons for abandoning the Underground and walking the streets of London, not the least of these is the serendipitous discovery of new places.  Yesterday, I came across Paddington Street Gardens, where at five o’clock childrens’ … Continue reading

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Monday: a Egglestonesque moment in Balzano’s car park, and reading Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red flashed into my mind In the novel: ‘Two Europeans (“Franks” to the Turks and, to this day, Farangi to Iranians) stroll through a meadow. … Continue reading

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Playing Statues

The idea of statues, inanimate figures, coming to life dates back at least to Pygmalion and his ideal ivory woman brought alive by Aphrodite.  It has been the subject of many interpretations from Pinocchio to Chuckie and The Winter’s Tale … Continue reading

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