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Shingle Street 16

I failed to admit in my previous posting that photography at Shingle Street on Sunday ended prematurely when my camera battery ran out.  I took a single final shot on my phone.  Lessons: make sure the battery is charged, or … Continue reading

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Shingle Spit 15

Sunday 13th January 2019.  A buffeting wind gusted in from the west setting the reeds in the Oxley Marshes in a nonstop dance.  It whined in machinery and wires; the Union Jacks flapped and snapped, their ropes tapping against the … Continue reading

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Shingle Street – Changes

The beach at Shingle Street has a strange new feature (new since I was there in July 2018): a steep sided crater-like depression 40-50 metres in diameter and maybe five to six metres deep.  It is separated from the sea … Continue reading

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Botanic Garden, Cambridge

Tuesday 8th January 2019.  The Botanic Garden was quiet; the holidays were over and sudden winter sun under ice blue skies caught people unprepared following a run of dismal days.  Lunch time lovers strolled arm in arm; serious pairs walked … Continue reading

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Joan Leigh Fermor 4

The sifting of evidence to reveal more of Joan Leigh Fermor’s photographic life and legacy continues, this time through the letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor.  Three volumes of letters have been published: In Tearing Haste – Letters between Deborah Devonshire … Continue reading

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