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Take a Seat – Take a Moment

Anyone seeing my street photography on Instagram will have noticed that it often includes seated people.  Why?  Is it just an accident; or do I go to lots of places where people want to sit down?  Is it because it’s … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 18: Walkabout – The Other Cambridge

The brief for the walkabout practical session last week was the following.  ‘The title “The Other Cambridge” is deliberately vague and wide open. The sub-title is “the Cambridge that the tourists don’t see”. So anything that you consider falls into … Continue reading

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The 9th East Norfolk Regiment taking the Sikh batteries and camp ‘at the point of the bayonet’ on the second day of the Battle of Ferozeshah, 21st – 22nd December 1845.  Diorama presented to the Ancient House Museum, Thetford, by … Continue reading

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Don McCullin

I wasn’t far into the Don McCullin exhibition at Tate Britain today before Brexit ennui and despair asserted themselves: in a world beset by state and personal violence it’s self-indulgence to flirt with nationalism and move away from cooperation.  At … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 17: Walkabout

Friday’s session was a practical: out and about taking photographs of ‘The Other Cambridge’.  My efforts will be revealed next week.  In the meantime, here’s a spectacular coat and umbrella spied (by me and another) on Trinity Street.  Photo: Trinity … Continue reading

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Chippenham Park

Walled Garden, Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire, 6th March 2019: grass; a beech hedge with russet winter leaves; a needle-clad pine; and a naked deciduous tree.

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On Portobello Road

I found this picture when I was sorting through my files of old negatives and contact sheets the other day.  It was taken on Portobello Road, London, on 30th September 1966.  It is probably my first piece of street photography … Continue reading

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Grass Tree

‘Xanthorrhoea glauca, known as the grass tree, is a large plant in the genus Xanthorrhoea, widespread in eastern Australia. The trunk can grow in excess of 5 metres tall, and may be many branched. It is occasionally seen in large … Continue reading

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U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 16: Managing a Legacy Photo Archive

On Friday Sue Fifer treated the Forum to the lively story of how she dealt with the 11,000 slides (mounted transparencies) left by her late husband.  Here are her rules.  1. Don’t put it off.  2. Do it alone.  3.  … Continue reading

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