Beechwoods – Cambridge Edge

Two little structures sit in a field of beans (or peas) on the edge of Cambridge.  Hides for shooters protecting the crop from the hungry pigeons.  ‘Hide’, the perfect use of a verb as a noun; in America a ‘blind’, which is not quite so obvious.  No guns this day; skylarks sing overhead and a dozen pigeons peck greedily at the soft green shoots.

Beyond the hides, fields and hedges, the new Cambridge of the Biomedical Campus grows year on year. ‘The Cambridge Biomedical Campus, located at the southern end of Hills Road on the southern edge of Cambridge, England, is one of the largest centres of health science and medical research in the world and the largest such centre in Europe.’ (Wikipedia)

In the spirit of yesterday’s post, I’ve converted the second picture to B&W.  Is colour again better in this case?

Photos: Southern edge of Cambridge from the Beechwoods, April 2017

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4 Responses to Beechwoods – Cambridge Edge

  1. Sue B-H says:

    The graphics of the cranes on the Addenbrooke’s site are stronger in monochrome I think, but I’m aware the focus of these images is the ‘hide’ in the sown fields.

    • brianhuman says:

      Yes, the graphic effect is stronger, and given that the contrast between the cranes and the hide is important I’m beginning to warm to the monochrome. This is probably a good case of not being clear in my mind what I was trying to do. I remember being fascinated by the hide, but then choosing a wide angle to include the full width of the Addenbrooke’s site. I think it’s OK in either form, but could have been so much better if I’d given it more thought at the time. A bit of Ansel Adams pre-visualisation perhaps?

  2. Sue B-H says:

    Sometimes one doesn’t have the time to settle, visualise and ‘be in the moment’ for long enough……..

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