U3AC Photography Forum 2018-19 10. Looking at Our Own Work: Reflections

The project for the term was agreed in November. The brief was: photographs of any and all kinds of reflections accepted; should be mainly current photos, i.e. taken between 9th November and 9th December; archive photographs can be submitted; and a maximum of three current pictures and one from archives per person.

Eighteen members of the Forum submitted a total of 49 pictures in five categories: windows (14), water (13), mirrors (4), ‘creative’ (9) and archive (9).  The subjects reflected included birds, buildings, chains, decorations, lights, people and trees. The locations ranged from Amsterdam to Cambridge, Prague to Porto and Tokyo to Vienna.

Some images were open to easy to understanding.  Others defied interpretation, especially where the picture had been flipped or inverted to enhance the mystery.  Tim’s Blade Runneresque Ukiya – The Floating World captured best the strange other world of the reflection. Those who used Photoshop to create the effects missed the point of the exercise.  See all submissions at www.zimbushboy.org/photo-forum-2018-19

Photo: 1. 1815 Café Bar, Cambridge, November 2018; 2. Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge, December 2018; Round Church Street,Cambridge, December 2018

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