Amateur Photographer 1946

Amateur Photographer 20th March 1946I’ve been given a copy of the Amateur Photographer – ‘The Journal for Everybody with a Camera’ – dated 20th March 1946, price 6d.

The Editorial commented on: the anticipated arrival of a new British ‘35-mm precision camera’; a Scientific and Technical Group at the RPS; cinema technique and photographers; and the peacetime return of the after-dinner photographer.  Feature articles included ‘The Eternal Challenge – Notes on Figure Work for the Amateur’, ‘Automatic Film Transport’, ‘Miniature Camera Gossip’, ‘How I Make My Exhibition Pictures’, ‘Studies in Meditation by Beginners’ and ‘Heads’.  Full-page adverts appeared under the once familiar names of Wallace Heaton, Westminster Photographic Exchange and R. G. Lewis – Contax III with f/1.5 Sonnar £165 2s 6d (£6,360 now!).  The small ads were a cornucopia of wants and offers.

Seventy years ago photography was different from today in almost every respect.  But one of the most striking things about this issue of AP is that it appears to exist in isolation from the rest of the photographic world.  This was the time of Picture Post and Life, of Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson, George Rodger (Magnum was founded a year later) Cecil Beaton, Bill Brandt and a host of others.  But you wouldn’t know it from AP in 1946.

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