Bait’s Bite Lock 1

baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-1Yesterday’s dawn walk was at Bait’s Bite Lock.  An easy stroll up the Cam from the end of Fen Road, Milton, past the Lock, to just beyond the A14.  Lights showed life aboard two boats, joggers padded up and down the tow path, fishermen unpacked rods and nets and scullers stroked fluently along the sluggish river.

baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-2This was a new venue for the early morning walks that have become a growing source of pleasure and time for reflection in recent months.  Newness and the changing light of dawn and sunrise on a clear day were encouragements to take photographs.  But what to do with them all?

baits-bite-lock-milton-161227-3Black + White Photography magazine has started running a series of articles on curating photographs with the aim of making them distinctive and relevant in a world overrun with images.  Important principles include caring about the subject (and having something to say), careful editing and engaging the viewer.  This posting and the next two are the result of trying to curate the photographs taken yesterday.

Photos: River Cam, Bait’s Bite Lock, Milton December 2016

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2 Responses to Bait’s Bite Lock 1

  1. Sue B-H says:

    Like the notion of curating photographs, caring about the subject and then using careful editing in the hope of engaging the viewer. I might have to use these pointers for the write-up at Balzano’s in April. Thank you!

    • brianhuman says:

      There are more articles to come in the B+W series, so I hope there will be further valuable advice. The important thing is that the principle can be applied to however work is presented, exhibitions, blogs, books etc. A key point for me is that often less is more – edit the selection, then edit again.

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