Beechwoods Walk

lime-kiln-hill-cambridge-161226Walked from Like Kiln Hill to the Beechwoods this morning looking for landscape setting views of the woods for the ongoing project.  I’m doing this in monochrome on film, but I liked the colours of the pre-sunrise sky looking north.

SBH asked recently in her blog if it’s possible to distinguish sunrises from sunsets in photographs.  See  and for some answers.  It sounds as if there may be differences, largely due to atmospheric pollution effects, but it’s almost impossible to tell the difference unless you know the landscape well enough to be able to work out the direction in which the picture is taken.

Photo: Lime Kiln Hill, Cambridge 161226

PS  On the way back saw a sparrowhawk chase fieldfares and blackbirds from their berry-feast in the hawthorn hedges along Worts Causeway.

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4 Responses to Beechwoods Walk

  1. Sue B-H says:

    I’m really pleased to know more about the quality of light at sunrise and sunset – and to read that it could be perception too. I shall continue to enjoy taking photographs of both and shall now possess my soul in patience for the possibility of plenty of colour and atmosphere at tomorrow’s sunrise.

    • brianhuman says:

      Yes, it’s nice to know at an academic level, but, as you say, the important thing is to continue to enjoy taking the pictures. Both sunrise and sunset help to possess the soul in patience and maybe tomorrow will bring its rewards.

  2. Sue B-H says:

    I’m longing to get some photographs of Fieldfares and Redwings, so may have to visit Worts Causeway sometime soon – perhaps on a Saturday when the road is open to traffic. It would be too wonderful if a Sparrowhawk was also ‘chasing’ those members of the Thrush family.

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