Buckingham Parade

christmas-parade-buckingham-161210-2To Buckingham on the 10th December to see the Humans of Cheltenham, chosen mainly as a convenient half way meeting point.  Past memories include brief stops on the long journey to the South West and a time-eroded sign that had rendered the sign ‘Masonic Hall’ as ‘Masonic ali’ (since repaired, I see).  A charming town: market, local shops, historic buildings, quaint corners and up and down townscape.

christmas-parade-buckingham-161210-3The date was the only Saturday we could all make, so somewhat random.  By chance it coincided with the Christmas Parade, a now annual event with a 30 year history.  No Macey’s Parade this, but a cheery celebration of the local community – charities, schools, playgroups, brass bands, pipe bands, Air Cadets, Council dignitaries, emergency services and so on.

christmas-parade-buckingham-161210The theme for the 2016 Parade was proverbs.  ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ fell foul of itself. ‘Music speaks louder than words’ made us struggle to remember the real words.

Photos: Buckingham, December 2016

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