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Blue rope is ubiquitous. It moors boats, it marks boundaries, it secures covers. Taut, sagging, coiled; it is used, it lies discarded. It’s a visual thesaurus blueness, azure, forget-me-not, sky blue. It ages to almost white. Synthetic, let’s say nylon. What happened to the natural hues of flax, hemp and cotton? Why not red, green or yellow? Who makes it and where? It materialises when we are not watching.

Shingle Blue

Blue rope at Shingle Street autumn 2020.

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Waterbeach Blue

‘At Waterbeach Barracks, our focus will create a place to be proud of, with new homes, investment in transport, renewable energy, green space, schools and healthcare to ensure an exemplar sustainable development. New cycle and walking routes, community orchards and … Continue reading

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Henry Moore

Two very different pictures from the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens on 9th September.

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Welsh Blue

First picture of blue rope since December 2018. This piece seen walking from Nine Wells to Porth y Rhaw, near St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

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A Surfeit of Blue

Holy Trinity, Blythburgh, has 15th century poppy heads representing the seven deadly sins – Gluttony holds up his ample pot belly.  The architect Morris Lapidus called his autobiography Too Much is Never Enough in honour of his monuments to excess.  … Continue reading

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Why Blue Rope?

I had a moment of realisation in the Botanic Garden of Wednesday (actually one of many revelations that morning, but they are part of another story).  Asked to explain why I took photographs of the ubiquitous bright blue rope, for … Continue reading

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Prayer Flags

These warning tapes flapping in the breeze are reminiscent of Buddhist prayer flags.  Yellow symbolises the element earth and the east; horizontal flags, are called Lung Dar.  Prayer flags should always be still and it is considered disrespectful if they … Continue reading

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Seven bags of clutter to Emmaus today, books and boots, ornaments and tapes and so on.  An amazing place, ‘working as a community, sharing a life where everyone is treated equally, and living in harmony with dignity by helping those … Continue reading

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I came across a new word recently, ‘craquelure’.  It is the fine pattern of dense reticulated cracking formed on the surface of materials, especially paintings, either as part of the process of ageing or of their original production.  Where it’s … Continue reading

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Blenheim Blue

Blue rope at Blenheim Palace.  Well, what other colour would a Duke use?  Perhaps a radical gardener slipped on the red dog collar. Photo: Blenheim Palace, March 2018

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Nothing Lasts

According to Leonard Koren, wabi-sabi can be defined as, ‘the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of traditional Japanese beauty and it occupies roughly the same position in the Japanese pantheon of aesthetic values as do the Greek ideals of beauty … Continue reading

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Brighton Wrap

My photo book A Piece of Ephemera included 15 photographs of urban wrappings, from bridges to mannequins and statues to whales.  This one didn’t get through the editing, probably a mistake, if only because the contents of these curious parcels … Continue reading

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Blue Rope and Red

‘“I am at war with the obvious,” William Eggleston has said, and he set out to prove it by showing the everyday and the ordinary is a startling new light.  More than any other photographer in recent years, Eggleston has … Continue reading

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Blue sky, blue sea, blue rope. Blue is often associated with depth and stability, symbolising trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  Blue may also mean being rigid, deceitful and spiteful, depressed and sad, self-righteous, superstitious, too conservative, … Continue reading

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Blue Tether

Blue cord is used to tether a bunch of willow whips soaking in the moat at Oxborough Hall.  The willow will be used for weaving. In close up the cord becomes a river meandering in a steppe-like green landscape. Photo: … Continue reading

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