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Fen Landscape 34 – Crop Circle

Crop circles have been explained away as the result of magnetism, the weather, animal activity, changes to crops, the paranormal (including UFOs) and mischievous human behaviour.  This crude effort looks more like slightly drunken tractor driving.  Photo: Little North Fen, … Continue reading

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One of the most widely reproduced images from the early days of photography is The Haystack by William Henry Fox Talbot.  It was taken in April 1844 using the calotype process, originally reproduced as a salted paper print and published … Continue reading

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Two scarecrows from last week.  The different worlds of Fen farming and the National Trust. Photos: 1. Scarecrow, Landbeach, Cambs, March 2019; 2. Scarecrow, Ickworth House, Suffolk, March 2012

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U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 19: Song Titles

The last session of term was a collation of members’ work based on song titles.  The minimal rules set by Tim were: images can be newly taken or from personal archives; the title can be any type of song – … Continue reading

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Fen Oaks

Cambridgeshire is one of the most tree poor counties in England (apparently Surrey is the richest) and the further north one goes into the Fens so woods and hedgerows become rarer.  A few do exist and are all the more … Continue reading

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