Classical Comparisons 2

Emperor Nero, Anglesey Abbey,
June 2020

The collection of statues at Anglesey Abbey provides the starting point for this project.  The figures photographed will be those where the named subject is represented in both collections, Apollo and Nero for example.  So, Vertumnus and Orpheus, who are at the Abbey, but not in the Museum, are excluded.  Non-classical, biblical, subjects at Anglesey, such as David and Samson, are similarly left out.

A bit of licence is sometimes needed, as befits mythological subjects.  In a few cases the names of the figures in the Abbey grounds do not find a direct correspondence in the cast collection.  For the purposes of this work: Hermes equals Hermes Propylaios; Dionysus is the same as Bacchus; Tyr/Tir, the Norse god of war, is equated with Mars/Ares; and the Genius of Eternal Repose represents Pasithea of the Three Graces.

Genius of Eternal Repose, Anglesey Abbey,
January 2020
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