Cromer again

Cromer 3, May 2013People may be happier overall by the sea, but do their moods change with the weather more or less than for people inland?

Photo: Cromer, May 2013

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2 Responses to Cromer again

  1. Roy says:

    I really like this Brian.
    Think it ought to be a 6ft x 4ft print, then go for next year’s Turner Prize?

  2. Brian Human says:

    Hi Roy,
    Thank you for your very kind comment. I’m not sure about the Truner Prize, won by too many charlatans – the £30,000 would be nice though!
    We should meet. I had coffee with Dave last week and suggested an outing to London, but he was doubtful about braving the big sinful city. I’m still keen to see the Salgado. How does you diary look?

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