Ephemera Revisited

I’ve posted 129 entries under Urban Ephemera since the first on 18th October 2010.  Visiting Cherry Hinton Hall on Saturday I saw a couple of things – a summer litter bin and an empty paddling pool – that reminded me I should give this subject a more attention.  I’m aware of missing pictures simply because I haven’t been carrying a camera.  (OK, there’s the phone, but I still have a mental block about using that.)

As I think I’ve said in earlier posts, ‘urban ephemera’ is a bit of a slippery concept.  Why does it have to be urban and what constitutes ephemera?  Would ‘ephemeral moments’ (a tautology, surely) or ‘serendipitous scenes’ be better?  And how do images like this differ from those around the idea of ‘traces’ I’ve posted recently?

Photos: Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, February 2017

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