‘Exposures’ St Matthews Photo Workshop 1979

Rummaging through boxes of old prints I came across this flier for ‘Exposures’ yesterday.  ‘Exposures’ was the first exhibition by the St Matthews Photo Workshop in Cambridge.  It showed 80 photographs by named photographers – Paul Christie, Roy Hammans, Liz Mew, Roy Pedley, Howard Rice and myself – and three by St Matthews residents.  The aim was to present ‘a selective and personal view’ of the area; and ‘show what the Workshop is trying to achieve’.  I wonder where the other photographers are now – I still see Roy Hammans, but have lost touch with the rest.  Go to  https://the-golden-fleece.co.uk/wp/cambridge-darkroom for more about the Workshop and its ambitious successor, The Cambridge Darkroom.

Boxing, Howard Mallet Club, Cambridge, November 1976

I contributed six prints: one of boxing at the local Howard Mallet Club (not necessarily the one shown here, I can’t recall which it was); and five architectural views of pubs.

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