Fenscape 10

car-dyke-waterbeach-16102Starting at the car park for the recreation ground at Waterbeach there is a pleasant short circular walk, no more than a mile, along what looks very much like an overgrown fen drain.  In fact it’s remnant of the Car Dyke, as a sign informs you at the start.


car-dyke-waterbeach-16102-2‘The Car Dyke was, and to a large extent still is, an eighty-five-mile (137 km) long ditch which runs along the western edge of the Fens in eastern England. It is generally accepted as being of Roman age and, for many centuries, to have been taken as marking the western edge of the Fens. There, the consensus begins to break down.’

‘In the eighteenth century, William Stukeley described it as a canal used for transporting goods and his idea is still promulgated: For example, excavations at Waterbeach in the 1990s by the archaeology unit of Cambridge County Council found what were seen as the remains of a Roman-era boat and cargo of pottery from Horningsea.’  Wikipedia

This part of the Dyke is a ‘trace’ in the spirit of the post on 23rd October 2016.

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