Fenscape 14

bottisham-lock-161201-1Bottisham Lock 1st December 2016.  Cold, frost fringed leaves on the ground and fields faded to grey.  Bottisham Lode iced over; mute swans uproot reeds searching for food in their small patch of water.  Black headed gulls ‘kwarr’ angrily; grey herons sail by silently on outstretched wings.  Dogs bark in the distance.

bottisham-lock-161201-2The sun rises, red, orange, yellow, white, bringing light and a little warmth.  It’s photogenic: click, click, click, but the results are too obvious, too familiar, too lurid, the stuff of cheap post cards.  File ‘f’ for failure.  I aim for something subtler.


Photos: Bottisham Lode, Cambs. 161201

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