In Plain View 78

In Plain View 78There has been a hiatus in adding pictures from my In Plain View/Light project, thanks to Royal Mail.  I sent, recorded delivery, a cassette of film to Ilford for processing in February.  After a couple of weeks with nothing from Ilford I tried to track its whereabouts, only to discover that it had disappeared without trace.


In Plain View 78aI put in a claim for a minimum amount, cost of the film and original postage, to Royal Mail.  Its response was that I hadn’t done enough to show the value of the loss and it could only offer a book of first class stamps as a goodwill gesture.  Catch 22: I needed the lost film to show the value of the loss.

Irritated resignation was followed by forgetting all about it.  Then last week an e-mail from Ilford acknowledged that a film had been received and is being dealt with – this can only be the ‘lost’ one.  The delayed gratification of analogue photography raised to a higher level.

Photos: In Plain View 78 & 78a, from an earlier film.

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