Light 37

Some words to accompany the Home Light photographs.

All of humanity’s problems
Stem from man’s inability
To sit quietly in a room alone.
Blaise Pascal

I must have been suffering from some mental aberration
To have rejected the visions of my obedient imagination and
To have believed like any old ninny that it was necessary,
Interesting and useful to travel abroad.
Duc des Esseintes (J.-K. Huysmans)

When I travel through my room, I rarely follow a straight line:
I go from the table towards a picture hanging in a corner;
From there, I set out obliquely towards the door;
But even though, when I begin, it really is my intention to go there,
If I happen to meet my armchair en route,
I don’t think twice about it, and settle down in it without further ado.
Xavier de Maistre

…the reality of travel is not what we anticipate.
Alain de Botton
By what lay hidden
In plain view.
Robert Macfarlane

Unseen because
They are not perceived and
Recycled as invisible.
Robert Macfarlane

The typical is elusive.
It’s a hard thing to capture because
It surrounds us and doesn’t shout.
Jonathan Meades

Everybody can look,
But they don’t
Necessarily see.
Andre Kertesz

Photography is an art of observation.
It’s about finding something
Interesting in an ordinary place.
It has little to do with the things you see
And everything to do with
How you see them.
Elliott Erwitt

Wherever there is light, one can photograph.
Alfred Stieglitz

Photograph: a picture painted by the sun
Without instruction in art.
Ambrose Bierce

Light 37Photo: Light 37





Light 37aPhoto: Light 37a

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