Living with gods

‘Living with gods’ at the British Museum – selected quotes.  ‘Beliefs in spiritual beings and worlds beyond nature are characteristic of all human societies.’

‘The power and energy of fire symbolise creation and change.  Drifting smoke disappears into invisible worlds.’   ‘God gave us music that we may pray without words.’    ‘Beliefs expressed through objects and rituals help to give confidence, reduce stress and engage support for all that life brings from conception to death.’


‘The commitment, power and control that came out of this [religion] are political and often cause fear, prejudice, exclusion, persecution, violence and, particularly on a personal level, confusion.’



‘”And so on”    Conflicts, persecutions and economic crises across northern Africa and the Middle East are forcing thousands of people to seek better lives in Europe.  The Mediterranean is the scene of humanitarian disaster.  Fear that Muslims, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Eritrean and Syrian Christians, Yazidis, Jews and Zoroastrians might endanger European societies is changing the political landscape.’

Photos: ‘Living with gods’ British Museum, January 2018

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