Making Connections

‘I got to the end of a project I’ve been working on for some time, which was both pleasing and a relief.  I found that, by working on one particular subject (with a couple of others rumbling in the background), I had become a bit obsessive, which in turn felt rather limiting.  Often when I finish something I feel a bit lost as to what to start next, but this time it was quite the opposite – I found I was taking my camera everywhere I went and simply pleasing myself as to what I took pictures of, regardless of any idea of what I should do with them.  I admit I felt I had permission to carry on in this way because it replicated Dayanita Singh’s approach to her photography [].  She shoots what appeals to her and only later looks for connections and themes in her work.  It seems to work beautifully for her so I felt that borrowing the method could be interesting.’  Elizabeth Roberts, Black and White Photography, July 2018, p.1.

Photo: Euston Road, London, June 2018

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