On HCB 2

Senate House Hill, Cambridge, April 2019

‘A few years after the first edition of Magnum Contact Sheets was released (5 June 2014 to be precise) journalist and literary critic Gaby Wood wrote an interesting article about the Cartier-Bresson exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris for the London Review of Books.  “The reason his photographs often feel so numbly impersonal now is not just that they are familiar,” she proposed.  “It’s that they’re so coolly composed, so infernally correct that there’s nothing raw about them, and you find yourself thinking: would it not be more interesting if his moments were a little less decisive?”  Wood’s words might seem harsh, but I’m inclined to agree – while I love a flawlessly framed shot, life can be messy, and overwhelming, and sometimes it doesn’t lend itself to being perfectly arranged and contained.’ Tracy Calder, Black+White Photography, Number 247

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