Paddington Street Gardens

There are plenty of good reasons for abandoning the Underground and walking the streets of London, not the least of these is the serendipitous discovery of new places.  Yesterday, I came across Paddington Street Gardens, where at five o’clock childrens’ laughter filled the playground and jaded office works soaked up a little late sun.  The gardens were built in the 18th century as additional burial grounds for St Marylebone Parish Church, and opened as a recreational area in 1886.  Most of the tombstones were removed.  ‘The mausoleum in the south garden was left because if the exceptionally fine design.  It was erected by the Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick to the memory of his wife Susanna who died in 1759 aged 30.’

Photo: Mausoleum, Paddington Street Gardens, London, October 2018

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