Takis’s Gong

Gong, Takis, 1978: ‘Within the Takis Foundation is an open-air theatre space featuring an ensemble of Takis’s works arranged around a central gong.  This giant musical instrument is made from the rusted wall of an oil tank.  In a shift in energy, this container of fossil fuel is now an instrument for producing meditative and resonant sounds.  Inspired by Zen Buddhism, Takis’s work often relates to his contemplation of the individual’s connection with the universe.  “In the greatest solitude I feel the greatest happiness,” he has said.  Photo: Tate Modern, October 2019

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Fire Fighters and Ginkgo

National Fire Fighters Memorial and ginkgo, Sermon Lane, London, October 2019
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Cambridge Station

Cambridge station yard, October 2019
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Take a Seat – Take a Moment 19

Cindy Sherman exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London, September 2019.

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Finding pleasure in contemplating decay is perverse, according to Christopher Woodward’s In Ruins.  But pleasure there seems to be, hence the queues at palaces, temples and castles around the world.  Are we subconsciously facing up to our own inevitable demise, … Continue reading

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Gogs Farm Shop, Cambridge, October 2018
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Hawkweed, Magog Downs, Cambridge, October 2019
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100 Photographs Draft

The first draft of the 100 photographs book has gone to Blurb for printing.  It is now called Undertow and runs to 126 pages – 96 black and white photographs, four in colour and other printed and visual material.  I await the draft – knowing already that there is one error I shall have to correct!

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Broadway Deli, Broadway, Worcs. October 2019

‘It’s a major photo-philosophical question, this: can you photograph an orange in black-and-white?’ The Ongoing Moment, Geoff Dyer

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Lode Farm

Lode Farm, North Fen, Cottenham, October 2019
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Land Lines

‘Land Lines’ is showing at the Fen Ditton Gallery, Cambridge, until 20th October.  It has been co-curated with photographer Paul Hart.  Hart’s published work includes Farmed and Drained, the first two parts of a three part series on the Fens.  He is exhibiting alongside the great British land photographer Fay Godwin (1931-2005) and an American contemporary, Mark Steinmetz (1961-), who is showing for the first time in the UK.

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Anthony Gormley at the Royal Academy today. Nothing if not spectacular and technically clever – art meets engineering and the foundry. Perhaps less might have been more.

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Grey, Green, Yellow

Photos: Cottenham, September 2019

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Missed Opportunities?

Castle Point, Dunstanburgh, September 2019

On 20th September I posted photographs from a week in Northumberland.  I think they are OK as memories of a good holiday in a beautiful and fascinating area; as photographs they are quite ordinary.  Just proves you can’t do two things, holidaying and serious photography, at the same time.  I thought Castle point at Dunstanburgh offered possibilities, but the results are dull.

Coastal Grains, Belford, September 2019

The one picture I am pleased with is of the Coastal Grains silos at Belford.  Given decent light it’s the sort of picture that takes itself.  It underlines the importance of luck in photography.  Anyway, it will make its way into the 100 Photographs book – perhaps an homage to Walker Evans.

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