Postcards from Great Britain

‘Postcards from Great Britain is a new largescale project from Shutter Hub which invites photographers to share their visions of British culture through photographic images and create conversations and exchange.

Exhibitions will be held in locations across Europe, with related events, showcasing thousands of postcard-sized images. Every image submitted to Postcards from Great Britain will be collated into a digital and print catalogue, to be housed in libraries and archives around the world, and 100 images will be selected for a collectable postcard set.’

I’ve submitted five pictures and plan to follow up with 10 more before the deadline of December 2020.  My statement to accompany the pictures is below.

Senate House Hill, Cambridge, 2018

I try to see Great Britain for what it is: a diverse and complex, quirky and eccentric, strange and normal place.  So, in my photography I want to capture these multiple personalities by working on the street, in the inhabited spaces between town and country and in wider open landscapes.  This pictures looks at people preoccupied with their thoughts and activities, all in the moment in their own ways, all free to be themselves without fear or favour in public spaces.  They represent a culture of individuality.

Brighton, 2018
Broadstairs Station, 2018
Cambridge Market, 2018
River Thames, South Bank, London, 2018
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