Purls Bridge

A day bird watching with DaveW at Purls Bridge.  Solitude, majestic skies, whistling Wigeon and twenty-seven species of birds.

Photo:  Ouse Washes, Purls Bridge, Manea, 25th January 2011

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4 Responses to Purls Bridge

  1. Roy says:

    Lovely image Brian – I remember going there in the 1970s! Probably have some photos somewhere…
    Looking good for 21st Feb by the way.

  2. brianhuman says:

    Hi Roy, many thanks for the kind comment. An extraordinary place and, like you, took me back to photographing Fen landscapes in the 1970s. Time to revisit that, I think.
    Good news about the 21st – looking forward to it.

  3. HilaryJ says:

    What a fantastic photo.

    • brianhuman says:

      Hi Hilary,

      Thank you for your kind comment, I’m glad you like it. But however did you find the blog – I’ve not publicised it at all. Perhaps it was from LinkedIn, in which case it’s good to know that someone uses that.

      I hope you are well and coping with these challenging times. Best to be out of local goverment, I fear, though I do feel lilke a rat having left a foundering ship.

      Best wishes.


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