Red Balloon

The Red Balloon is a 1956 French fantasy film by Albert Lamorisse.  It follows the adventures of a young boy, Pascal, who one day finds a red balloon, which follows him through the streets of Paris. Pascal and the balloon encounter a gang of big boys, who steal the balloon, however, Pascal retrieves it, and following a chase, the boys destroy the balloon with slingshots.  All the other balloons in Paris come to Pascal’s aid and take him on a ride over the city.  Red Balloon Learner Centres, often called simply Red Balloons, are UK specialist learner centres providing a safe learning environment for children who have self-excluded from mainstream school because they have been the victim of bullying, assault or trauma.

Photo: Oxford Circus, London, February 2014

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2 Responses to Red Balloon

  1. Sue B-H says:

    We have a Red Balloon service in Cambridge and I’m delighted to know why that name has been adopted – thank you.

    • brianhuman says:

      Thanks, Sue, I’ve assumed that there is this connection, but have no direct evidence for it. I think the name of the service sounds rather odd and arbitrary if it’s not taken from the film.

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