Shingle Street 7

There have been buildings and people living at Shingle Street since the early 1800s.  The Martello towers, the coastguard cottages and the massive shingle bank give it an air of permanence, yet this is the most mobile of coasts.  When I last visited the shoreline was a gentle uninterrupted curve, see Shingle Street 5, 13 July 2012.  Then storms and tides created off-shore spits and in August 2016 the Indy recommended having ‘a swim in the sheltered, lagoon-like waters’.  In March 2017 a blog reported, ‘The spit that forms the lagoon has been flattened and has extended towards the shore. At high tide parts of it are now submerged.’  Part of the lagoon remained when we visited this week.

Photo: Shingle Street, Suffolk, July 2018

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