Shingle Street 8

‘At Shingle Street we strolled towards the sea, our feet setting up a slow rhythmic, percussive rattle in the shingle. Valerian, sea kale and horned sea poppy bent in the wind, their muted red, green and yellow blending with colours of the beach.  Then, above the susurrus of the waves and the occasional cry of a gull, we heard footsteps on the shingle moving to a faster beat: a tracksuited figure carrying a bicycle trotted across the ridges ahead of us.  He stopped at the water’s edge, dropped his bicycle, stripped off his outer clothes and plunged in.  His head bobbed across the calm water of the lagoon to the spit on the other side, turned round and headed back.  Feet slipping on the mobile shingle, he struggled out of the water, stuffed his tracksuit in a haversack, hefted his bike onto his shoulder and hurried away across the ridges.  Jumping on the bike at the road, he pedalled off towards Hollesley.  Hollesley is the home of a Category D men’s prison known locally as the Hollesley Bay Colony.’  Shingle Street 10th July 2018

Photo: Shingle Street, July 2018

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