Shutter Hub Open Exhibition 2020

Shutter Hub has called for entries to its 2020 Open Exhibition.  I’ve submitted six pictures from my ‘Take a Seat’ project with the following text.

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Being bipedal animals confers many advantages on us, but we still invite guests to ‘Take the weight off your feet’.  Sitting comfortably is a pleasure.  Passively, it encourages, relaxation and contemplation.  Actively, we can forget about the weight on our feet and concentrate on reading, writing, work and more.  It’s the posture for sharing – food, laughter, confidences.  At home we may sit on luxury recliner, a stool, a mat.  These photographs are part of a project exploring how we sit outside the home in public and semi-public spaces – on benches, on walls, in trains, on the ground, at café tables.  We relax, and abandon the hither and thither of daily life to take a seat, take a moment, to retreat into our own world or share in the pleasure of others.

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