I’ve just received my copy of Sparks – Adventures in Street Photography by Stephen Leslie – I subscribed to its publication through Unbound.  This can be a slightly risky way of buying books as you rely on the final publication being as good as the synopsis suggests it will be.  In this case the trust was fully justified.  Leslie accompanies each of his photographs with stories, speculations and imaginings blending fact and fiction.  He quotes Joel Meyerowitz: ‘Photography is too often about the pictures only.  To me, it’s always been about ideas and the ideas that pictures generate.’  The result is an enthralling visual and verbal cocktail that complements Teju Cole’s intriguing Blind Spot.  Leslie concludes an essay on a photograph of three dressing gown clad women outside a health club with: ‘It’s a photo that works but it is not the truth.  If anything it’s better, if slightly harsher, for being a lie.  Photography often works this way.’


Photo: Sparks – Adventures in Street Photography cover

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  1. david runnacles says:

    l looked through these on his website. Some great stuff, nicely observed and shot on film!
    Tony Ray-Jones evident, nice touches of humour.Nice to see people still producing this type of photography.

    • brianhuman says:

      Thanks, David. Yes this is good stuff – the pictures and writing set it apart and it’s not taking itself too seriously. I think of it as slow photography going back to a simpler age. Relating of that, Roy sent me a link to an excellent film about Bill Jay and his career as an evangelist for photography. I’ll ask Roy if he can send you a link, the one he sent to me has expired.

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