Still more I that E!

Unwisely took part in the Royal Academy quiz, ‘Which great British artwork are you?’  Depressingly predicable results!

“You are: John Constable’s A Boat Passing a Lock!  People might see you as a lovely and peaceful person, but that doesn’t mean you’re a pushover. Like John Constable, the painter behind A Boat Passing a Lock, you’ve got strong principles and a firm belief in your own sense of what’s right and what’s beautiful. The landscape painting that Constable is beloved for today didn’t make him much money in his lifetime, but he stuck with it regardless. Like him, you’re not one for attention-seeking dramatics or social climbing – we’re more likely to find you out and about, enjoying fresh air, good company and bucolic scenery.”

Tried the quiz again answering as I would like to be, rather than as I think I am.  Well, it’s a more interesting picture!

“You are: Angelica Kauffman’s Design!  No-one looking at you should underestimate just how much creativity and determination it took to get you where you are, and we could say the same for Design, painted by one of our only two female founding members between 1778-80. Like Angelica Kauffman, who became a successful artist despite the 18th-century art world’s persistent erasure of women’s contributions, you know the value of hard work and are prepared to dedicate hours to perfecting your craft. Naturally talented and popular, you attract many admirers, but anyone who crosses you will soon realise they’ve made a serious mistake. Just ask Nathaniel Hone, who submitted a painting featuring a naked dancing female figure thought to depict Kauffman to the RA’s Summer Exhibition. Kauffman promptly announced that either Hone’s artwork would be removed from the show, or she’d withdraw all her own paintings. The Council went with the first option.”

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