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Reading Visual Images

I’ve just finished the Open University free short course on Reading Visual Images, which is linked to the TV series The Age of the Image.  Posing the question, ‘What does a picture or an image tell you?’, the course is … Continue reading

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Take a Seat – Take a Moment 28

In my post of 11th February I wanted to provide a context for my Take a Seat pictures by looking at how the subject was treated in western painting.  I have now tried to broaden the context by looking at … Continue reading

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Victor Prout

Thanks to JulieW for telling me about photographer Victor Prout – she has been reading Diane Setterfield’s Once Upon a River, which includes a character based on Prout.  Prout (1835-77) was active in the 1860s, the specialising in pictures of … Continue reading

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The Acropolis

Black+White Photography magazine for February 2020 (No. 238) features photographs of the Acropolis by Tod Papageorge, under the title ‘Like Ancient Gods’.  The pictures were taken in 1983-84 and are from On the Acropolis by Papageorge, published by Stanley/Barker.  They … Continue reading

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Eva Konikoff

Who was Eva Konikoff?  Tove Jansson – Letters from Tove includes many letters from the artist and creator of the Moomin stories to Eva Konikoff, sent between 1941 and 1967.  The editors of the letters, Boel Westin and Helen Svensson, … Continue reading

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Analog Sea and Photography 2

Is the exhibition Family of Man a cause for photographic celebration?  In his introduction to the essay ‘In the Hearts of Pioneers’ by Carl Sandberg (Analog Sea Review Number 2 (2019), pp 77-80) Jonathan Simons seems to think so.  He … Continue reading

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Everyday Delight

People find every day delight in: colour, the play of light and shade, small objects, leaves and flowers, letters and signs.  Or at least those are the things, the incidentals of daily life, which delight photographers.  Shutter Hub has joined … Continue reading

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The Telling Image

Since photographs became a possibility in the 1830s we have become surrounded by them, never more so than in our digital age. How have we got here? How do we understand and react to the images we see? J and … Continue reading

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Analog Sea and Photography

Further to my post about the omission of photography from Analog Sea (22nd November), an interview with Canadian film maker Peter Mettler by editors Jonathan Simons and Janos Tedeschi in Analog Sea Review Number 2 (2019) suggests some inconsistencies in … Continue reading

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