Technical Perfection

See for an interesting piece on the quest for perfection.  I agree with what Ben Davis says in referring to Lange’s Migrant Mother: ‘Such is the power and depth of emotion in the image that any slight errors are easily forgiven – or even unnoticeable to the less pedantic eye – proving that ultimately, no matter how vain we might be about our own images, technical perfection doesn’t truly matter.’    That’s no excuse for not doing the best you can, however.

Photo: Catedral Nueva, Salamanca, Spain, 2002

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2 Responses to Technical Perfection

  1. Sue B-H says:

    I readily concur with this sentiment and endeavour to develop technical skill as much as I can. However, being emotionally ready to take photographs and the enjoyment of the process are what gets me behind a camera – happily.

    I’m finding Sebastiao Salgado’s account of his approach to photography fascinating and have disciplined myself to finish his ‘autobiography’ before launching into books of his photographs.

    • brianhuman says:

      I agree, the engagement in both to subject and the process, and the enjoyment thereof, is essential.
      Yes, Salgado has a lot to teach us. I think I ought to re-read the Contrasto book.

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