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An update from previous posting.

Dear Blurb,

This order was delivered today.

I am very unhappy with the results.

In order to ensure that the book would look as I wished, on the 7th February 2016 I ordered a single soft cover copy before placing an order for multiple hard cover copies.  The photographs in that version were rendered in a rich slightly warm tone.  The overall effect was excellent; a small number of the pictures I judged to be a shade to dark and I tweaked the files accordingly.

The new copies to not come up to this standard: the photographs are printed too light, lack contrast and are in a cooler tone.  This is not acceptable.

Please can you tell me what steps I need to take to have this remedied in order that I have five books of the quality for which I have paid.

Yours faithfully

Brian Human

A reply is awaited.

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