I’ve started to bring together photographs taken on travels outside the UK over the last few decades. The aim is to produce a photo book, eventually.
It’s proving to be an interesting exercise. On one side the pleasure of discovering previously overlooked pictures that now seem to have some quality; on the other the realisation of how much dross there is. At a practical level there is the challenge of searching through analogue material, compared with the ease of viewing digital images on screen. Fixing a time and place to the analogue pictures is occasionally a challenge due to sloppy on non-existent recording. All time-consuming, but rewarding.
As I started to select pictures, what was a simple desire to bring together a collection that reflected experiences abroad, I was beset by the questions ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’. The answers have begun to cohere into a concept of what the book will and will not about.
It will:
– Be a personal and partial view
– Celebrate, difference and individuality, yet also
– Draw on connections and the everyday
– Embrace both people and places
– Try to establish a narrative
– Reflect the enigmatic and uncertain moments of travel.
It will not:
– Present the picturesque
– Be a catalogue of celebrated monuments
– Be a standard picture book of plates.
I was going to add that it will not include ‘boring pictures’. But while it won’t include pictures that don’t strike a chord with me, I can’t guarantee that other people won’t find them boring.
An unresolved issue is how to structure the book. Chronological? Geographical? Subjects? Themes? A first very crude selection is taking place and I’m anticipating that the right approach will emerge from a review of these pictures once they are all seen together.
The following pictures from previous posts may be included.

Wall, Milan, December 2013Cinema Gnomo, Milan, December 2013hristmas 2013, 4Faun with clam, Milan, December 2013EPSON scanner imagePegel, Cologne, December 2012-2Sculpture, Palais de Beaux-Arts, Lille, March 2012Wazemmes Market, Lille, March 2012 wpWazemmes Market, Lille, March 2012Flatiron Building, December 2011 wpGiudecca, Venice, October 2011 wpSan Nicolo, Venice, October 2011 wpEPSON scanner imageAgia Triada, Proastio, Greece, 10th May 2011 WP--Trachilia, Mani, Greece, 10th June 2011WP--EPSON scanner image

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