U3AC Photo Forum 18 – A Sense of Movement

Alan and Tim set the brief for this session: ‘Friday’s theme [is] “a sense of movement”. The obvious shots would be: wildlife, birds in flight or animals running; sport of all kinds; sailing, aeroplanes etc. More creatively, anything you interpret as relevant to the theme.’  Members’ interpretations included the above plus pictures of dance, water, children, fireworks, the sea and crowd scenes.



Thoughts on technique included: patience; panning; ISO settings and shutter speed; stabilisation technology; precision versus blur; knowing your subject and choice of viewpoint; and timing – the decisive moment and the moment of anticipation.  Tim and Alan illustrated points through the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Eamonn McCabe, Fumiya Hamasaki and Jean Guichard.  The spirit was captured in Brian Harris’s comment from last week: ‘Every photographer has his [or her] moment.’

Photos: 1, Joshua, August 2016; 2, Tour de France, Cambridge, 7th July 2014

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