U3AC Photo Forum 2018-19 22: Mobile Phone Photography

On Friday Jitka Brynjolffssen explored the potential of mobile phone photography.  Even in the short history of photography the phone’s rise has been remarkable: 1997 first patent, 2000 first cameras, 2007 smart phones and today ubiquitous.  Its benefits include: convenience, you’re always carrying a camera; extraordinary flexibility (close and long focusing and good in low light); and the ability to share and send images.  High quality is achievable without a top of the range phone.

Mobiles now include built in programmes to allow greater creativity and a wide range of processing apps can be downloaded.  Accessories include clip on lenses, the selfie stick and mini tripods.  Will the phone replace the traditional camera?  Well, it certainly doesn’t make much sense to carry both a phone and a compact camera: for all its sophistication and potential most people seem to use their phone much like previous generations used the Box Brownie and the Brownie 127.

Photos: 1. Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire, May 2019; 2. Ghikas’ Studio, Athens, June 2019

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