U3AC Photo Forum 24 – Points of View Day Photographs

Last week members of the Forum used two hours in the morning to take photographs, see blog 26th May.   Helen Cherry set the brief given below.






Please meet at the normal time at our room at the U3AC offices.   Leave there at 10.15 and take your photos on the following themes within the next 2 hours. So from 10.15-12.15 or 2 hours after whatever time you leave if it is not 10.15 . This time limit will concentrate the mind!  Of course you do not have to take the full 2 hours but please don’t go over the time to make it fair on everyone.




Please contribute only images taken within the designated area – see the map below [Quayside to Benet Street north-south, Malcolm Street to Trinity Lane east-west].    You can use as much or as little of this area [as you like].


Use your photographic skills and imagination to interpret the following categories.

1 – Curves – These could be animal (including human!) vegetable or mineral    – circles count too.

2 – Bikes on the move – so bikes in use not stationary.

3 – A moment in time – An opportunity to focus in on one of those life moments that evokes an emotion.   For example – happiness,    sadness,    love,    surprise,    fear, etc.


4- Colourful market    –    Looking at the colour and vibrancy of the market – NOTE: this category ONLY to be used if there is NOT enough people to make up a full weeks viewing the following week, with 3 categories. Tim to decide on the day.


The object of the exercise is to try to produce original images so that when you all view them you’re not looking at the same image a dozen times or more times. Try to get all subjects if you possibly can. You may manipulate files if you have the time and wish to, as long as they are recognisable as the category they portray.

Six people participated on the day and submitted around 50 photographs.  Tim teased out some themes for three of the categories.  Curves: on buildings; streets; public art; objects; and natural.  A moment in time: transactions; tourists; the sell; and homelessness.  Colourful market: overall scene; clothes; health; and plants.  ‘Bikes on the move’ covered what it says – it was the subject that people struggled with most.

The Forum agreed that it had been worthwhile exercise.  The benefits were: the value of preparation; developing the skill of seeing pictures; learning to take pictures in less than ideal conditions; the discipline imposed by constraints of time and place; and showing how dedicated time at photography (instead of snapping) results in better pictures.

Pictures: 1. Market Square, Cambridge, May 2018; 2. Sidney Street, Cambridge, May 2018; 3. Bridge Street, Cambridge, May 2018; 4. King’s Parade, Cambridge, May 2018; 5. Market Square, Cambridge, May 2018; 6. Market Square, Cambridge, May 2018; 7. Market Square, Cambridge, May 2018; 8. Market Square, Cambridge, May 2018

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