U3AC Photo Forum 5 – Travel

Alan Bird’s discursive 14 point introduction to travel photography: 1. Define; 2. History; 3. Key photographers; 4. Perspectives; 5. Own experiences; 6. Photographic equipment; 7. Luggage; 8. Security; 9. Travel logistics; 10. Risks; 11. Security; 12. Ethics; 13. Some of my (his) examples; 14. Reflections and conclusions.

Some issues. Home or abroad?  Holiday snaps (tourism) or considered pictures (travel)?  When does the exotic become normal?  How to travel with an open mind and leave cultural baggage behind.  When to ask permission/pay/include children?  The tyranny of distance.  Colour or B&W?  What goes on the endless checklist?

Photos: 1. Marc Riboud An engineer inside the Anshan steelworks, China 1954; 2. Freyr Stark, Al Mukulla, gateway port to Yemen, 1934

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