U3AC Photography Forum 2018-19 12: Photobooks

Margaret Kerry led a session of the Forum on ‘Why Photobooks?  Well why not?’ on Friday 25th.  She explained how she used CEWE software to produce several books in different styles and formats.  For the uninitiated she explained the choices to be made about: size, format, layout, paper, binding, typeface, and page colour and background.  Others in the group used alternative programmes like Blurb and PhotoBox.  An important area of discussion was whether to use pre-formatting or custom designs that allow greater creativity (I used the latter for books below).  Margaret made a persuasive case for photobooks: they are fun to do; help to pare down the archive; are a great way of sharing pictures and to tell a story; and they fill a short and long term social role by replacing the ‘disappearing photo album.’

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