U3AC Photography Forum 2018-19 9. Landscape Photographers

Five members of the Forum spoke about a favourite landscape photographer.  Jitka Brynjolffssen introduced Justin Mimms, a contemporary landscape photographer, who makes atmospheric images of East Anglia.  David Brown went back in time to talk about the work of Liverpool based photographers Edward and Margaret Chambre Hardman, townscapes and some unfamiliar landscapes.  Alan Bird cast his net wider to include Richard Muir, Ansel Adams and Fay Godwin; comparing their work with some of his own, he asked unanswered questions about what a landscape photographer’s reputation rests on.  Natalia Pearson showed the spectacular pictures of spectacular places by Ukrainian photographer Yevhen Samuchenko.

I chose John Blakemore.  Using 12 pictures, I explored his landscape work through five aspects: the ‘three Rs’ (Relationship, Recognition, Realisation); capturing natural processes; focusing on details; developing sequences; and the sombre image as a lament for the landscape and a reflection of Blakemore’s inner angst.  JB has a mantra: ‘What is the nature of this invisible thing called light whose presence calls everything into view – except itself?, (Catching the Light, Arthur Zojanc). His photographs aim to transcend the subject and become about light.

Photo: Rockpool, Froig, North Wales, 1970s, John Blakemore

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