Wellingborough Cemetery 2

DavidR and I share an aversion to laboured titles for photographs.  The otherwise excellent FADU 2011 Year Book*  has some typical examples of the unfortunate habit, ‘Trapped’, ‘Solitude’, ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘If Walls Could Talk’ to cite but four.  Name, place and date are the most that’s needed, unless it’s part of photo story when a full caption might be called for.  Banal captions seem to me to belong to the same mindset that calls baby girls Kylie, puts up ‘Dunromin’ outside the retirement home and generates awful punning headlines in the tabloids.  No prizes for anyone who thinks this picture should be called ‘Rest In Peace’.


Photo: Doddington Road Cemetery, Wellingborough, October 2011

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2 Responses to Wellingborough Cemetery 2

  1. dave says:

    How many more did you get from that short visit to W.?
    I like this very much-you should put it on flickr.Good illustration of how inanimate objects can come to life when photographed-in fact the two chairs have faces and personality.
    I would title it “ceme-retirement”.

    • brian human says:

      Trying to keep flickr for streets & people, but maybe I should be more flexible.

      ‘Ceme-retirement’ does deserve a prize – drinks on me next time we are out.


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