Why Blue Rope?

I had a moment of realisation in the Botanic Garden of Wednesday (actually one of many revelations that morning, but they are part of another story).  Asked to explain why I took photographs of the ubiquitous bright blue rope, for the first time I then asked myself why it’s blue, and not rope coloured, or red, yellow or green for that matter.  The answer was obvious when one bothered to think about it.  Used as a barrier, to moor boats, to secure tarpaulins, to tether buoys and lobster pots and so on, it stands out against the muted colours of the natural world.  It’s the same reason that chefs use blue plasters in the kitchen.  The subtle colours of jute, hemp and sisal are for gardeners who want to hide their handiwork.

Photo: Botanic Garden, Cambridge, April 2018

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