Cambridge Wordfest 2011.  Roger McGough: ‘Don’t grow too big for your roots’; ‘The clash of opening times and bed times’; ‘Born in a street, they died in a road’; Alzheimer’s, ‘Howling at the Scrabble Board’.  Andre Mangeot: ‘The real music is out there where the silence and the solitude are’.  Alexandra Harris: ‘Is it possible to be modern and still be British?’; ‘Is abstraction possible in a time of dire necessity?’; ‘Opening a whole new world from a detailed focus’.  Maggie Hambling: ‘Make work your best friend’.  Colin Thubron: ‘A landscape where we both loose and find ourselves’; ‘If you like pate, don’t bother to meet the duck’; ‘By sitting still, the closer one comes to feeling ill’.

Photo: Colin Thubron, 17th April 2011

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