May Ball

Clare College May Ball, Cambridge, June 1984Like the previous posting, this rear view focuses on dress.  It is a perspective often used in fashion photography, where the garment in important and the face is not.  Is this couple looking onto the future or reflecting on carefree college days now drawing to a close?  The river flows away from them.

Photo: Clare College May Ball, Cambridge, June 1984

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2 Responses to May Ball

  1. dave says:

    Hello Brian
    I like this one -the body language,composition, and contrasting tones give it a classic feel.
    Makes me yearn a bit for the old b/w days.

    Still looking for my photography mojo.Lost it somewhere in Kings Parade last Oct.

  2. Brian Human says:

    Thanks, Dave. I’m nostalgic for it too – going through the old files feeds that.

    Maybe some spring sunshine will eventually get your mojo working again – only a couple of months to go!

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