Spitalfields Revisited

When I was in London on the 19th I walked round Bishops Square, next to Old Spitalfields Market.  I recalled taking photographs in the Market a while ago, before it moved to Leyton and decided to dig out the pictures.  It’s extraordinary how much more distant events are than we imagine – nearly 20 years in this case.

Photo: Spitalfields Market, London, 3rd April 1991

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4 Responses to Spitalfields Revisited

  1. Ben Edwards says:

    I have been looking for pictures of the old market for my dad as he worked there from when he left school and is still working in the new market now . I wonder if you would consider sending me the photos. Please send me a contact email and I will contact you

  2. Hi Brian,

    I am currently writing a critique on the new OSM and I came across your image. As a fellow photographer I just wanted to say what a great image I think it is, and how glad I am that there are photos of this space that is no longer the same.

    Thank you.

  3. brianhuman says:

    Thank you, that’s much appreciated. It was an amazing place and a great loss. What price progress?

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