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Presumably the decision to leave two figures armless is no more than a random act of the process of window dressing.  What does this do to the image of the female body? Photo: Mango, Regent Street, London, November 2011

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Outline, Venice

Figures dressed for advertising are a familiar sight in the streets of Venice – Carnivale masks and gowns encourage extravagant displays.  In this case the idea of the minimalist figure is taken to an extreme of simplicity, but, like a … Continue reading

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Catherine Grey

While Salisbury Cathedral may be austere (to me), the same cannot be said of the exuberant Hertford Monument, the tomb of Edward Seymour and Lady Catherine Grey.  Catherine was sister to Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days … Continue reading

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Salisbury Cathedral

Nikolaos Pevsner called Salisbury Cathedral ‘the purest major E.E. [Early English] building in the country’.  I found it rather formal and austere (too perfect?) and lacking the sense of evolving with the centuries, an architectural palimpsest incompletely scraped clean from … Continue reading

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Fisherton Street

A fine shop front seen in Salisbury.  Richard Deane of the Salisbury Civic Society wrote: “I was interested to hear that you’d noted the sadly damaged frontage of 47 Fisherton Street, a property which we’ve been aware of for many … Continue reading

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Photo taken through shop window and it’s not sharp.  I still like it though. Photo: Hands, Venice, October 2011

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